Tanabata: Star Village with Slow Art Collective, Powerhouse Museum & Sydney Observatory

Presenter: Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences: Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory
Artists: Slow Art Collective
Our Role: Creative Director & Executive Producer, undertaken while Director and co Founder of ArtsPeople
Dates: 25-26 June, 2-17 July 2016
Audience: 75,000

Tanabata: Star Village was major participatory art production for all ages presented across two-venues of the Museum of Applied Art and Sciences: the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory. Inspired by the Japanese annual star festival of ‘Tanabata’, Melbourne artists Slow Art Collective (Chaco Kato & Dylan Martorell) created a dramatic site-specific art installation of bamboo structures and thread which functioned as the artwork as well as the environment in which the audience could participate in a number of activities, including weaving directly onto the structure, origami, interactive sound installations, storytelling, and artist demonstrations.  

Credit: Tanabata: Star Village with Slow Art Collective, an ArtsPeople production, Powerhouse Museum, 2016. Photographers: Lindy Goodwin and Ryan Hernandez. Images courtesy MAAS.