pop-up in a penthouse

Presenter: Ovolo Hotels, MARS Gallery and Soda Arts
Artists: Aly Aitken, Chris Bennie, Harriet Body, Lars Breuer, Erin Coates, Penelope Davis, Stephen Haley, Sophia Hewson, Korban/Flaubert, Tony Lloyd, Lyn&Tony, Jane McKenzie, Dani McKenzie, Allan Mitelman, Hitesh Natalwala, Paula do Prado, Hannah Raisin, Grant Stewart, Datsun Tran
Our Role: Curatorial & Production Management
Dates: June 13 - 15 2019

The Brief:
To present a pop-up exhibition of compelling contemporary Australian art across three hotels suites (including the Penthouse suite) and the hotel foyer, transforming those spaces into temporary art galleries. 

The Project
An art intervention that created an unexpected and alluring experience of the hotel for guests and the general public, aligning the hotel brand with leading art and design. 

Credit: Enigma Visual