POP UP IN A PENTHOUSE // JUNE 14 - 15, 2019

Pop Up in a Penthouse
Friday 14 - Saturday 15 June
Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour
139 Murray Street, Pymont
12 - 9pm. All welcome.

For two days this June, we’re taking over the Penthouse suite, two deluxe suites and the hotel foyer at Ovolo 1888 Darling Harbour, transforming the rooms into unlikely galleries for contemporary art.

Presented in partnership with Ovolo Hotels and MARS Gallery, ‘Pop Up in a Penthouse’ will feature artwork and installations from 21 cutting-edge contemporary artists. The exhibitors include established artists represented by MARS Gallery, alongside a selection of compelling Sydney practitioners including; Aly Aitken, Chris Bennie, Harriet Body, Lars Breuer, Erin Coates, Penelope Davis, Stephen Haley, Sophia Hewson, Korban/Flaubert, Tony Lloyd, Lyn&Tony, Jane McKenzie, Dani McKenzie, Allan Mitelman, Hitesh Natalwala, Paula do Prado, Hannah Raisin, Grant Stewart, Datsun Tran.

‘Pop-up In A Penthouse’ is an opportunity to experience exceptional contemporary Australian art in an unconventional setting.  

Guests and visitors will be welcomed by a series of anthropomorphic sculptures scattered throughout the foyer by artist Aly Aitken. At once familiar yet foreign, Aitken’s work explores the persistence of memory (or the debilitating feeling of losing it completely) through her life-sized assemblages. 

The design hotel will also exhibit Stephen Haley’s latest video work Fugue State. The technologically innovative piece explores the space of contemporary world cities and was composed over more than a year using 3D modelling software, with each scene painstakingly crafted to be a virtual sculpture or simulated film set. When asked what the video is about the artist only half-jokingly replies “It is about what happens when you die. Or maybe, search the internet. Or fall into a reverie. Or how we live now.” The video will be on display on a bedroom television screen, giving each visitor the opportunity to experience a world-class work of art.

The journey of discovery continues into the guest rooms with a range of paintings, sculptures and video work on display. 

A moment of quiet and calm will be provided by oil paintings by respected Melbourne painter, Allan Mitelman and continues with the small but mighty paintings by Tony Lloyd, which hold a cinematic majesty in their representation of snow cover mountains from the artist's recent pilgrimage to Switzerland.

Sophia Hewson is a multidisciplinary artist who generates ways of speaking about the body, which are alternatives to patriarchal ideology encoded in art, law, language and economy. She will present a series of oil on board works.

Grant Stewart creates drawings using a robotic device, code and the humble biro pen. The results are impossibly delicate compositions that celebrate the convergence of analogue and digital technologies. 

Penelope Davis will take over the ‘fishbowl’ suite with her swarm of Jellyfish. Hand made from silicone casts of hard rubbish, the Frankenstein-like sculptures seduce us into a world, under the sea, which upon close inspection reminds us of our diabolical disposable culture. 

Ovolo will also embrace its tongue-in-cheek approach to life with a cheeky video-art installation by Hannah Raisin. The shocking yet light-hearted piece pokes fun at preconceptions of ‘being a lady’ and features a frozen strawberry protruding from the risk-taking artists’ bottom. 

These are just some of the artists to be exhibited as part of ‘Pop Up in a Penthouse’.

Ovolo Founder and CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwala is proud for Ovolo Hotels to be a part of this journey of art in Sydney, illustrating the company’s support for art and events such as The Other Art Fair and The Affordable Art Fair which support up and coming artists.

“’Pop-up In A Penthouse’ is just the innovative and experiential event Ovolo loves! MARS Gallery and Soda Arts, have been so supportive in helping us continue to push the boundaries and to disrupt the hospitality industry, challenging the perception of hotels. We’re fusing dining, effortless accommodation and art galleries, bringing art to life at Ovolo. Our guests and the local community will always be surprised and inspired with out of the box experiences,” said Jhunjhnuwala