Jurassic Plastic with Hiroshi Fuji, Sydney Festival

Presenter: Sydney Festival
Artists: Hiroshi Fuji (main) Liane Rossler & Stephen Mushin (guest artists)
Our Role: Creative Director & Executive Producer, undertaken while Director and co Founder of ArtsPeople
Dates: 6 - 28 January 2018
Audience: 35,000
Workshops: 1,700

Jurassic Plastic was a major contemporary art production that was the key all-ages arts experience at the 2018 Sydney Festival. Featuring the work of leading Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji, Jurassic Plastic was a sprawling colourful landscape of over 150,000 discarded plastic toys presented in the Lower Town Hall, Sydney.

A reflection on consumption and waste, the project comprised a large-scale art installation by Hiroshi Fuji, alongside interactive spaces where audiences could play, explore and create. The project also included a daily program of creative workshops, artist-led experiences and evening floor talks.

Credit: Jurassic Plastic with Hiroshi Fuji, an ArtsPeople production, Sydney Festival, 2018. Video courtesy Sydney Festival.