Soda Arts is a curatorial consultancy, agency and arts production company based in Sydney Australia specialising in contemporary art and design.

We connect artists with organisations, audiences with experiences, and people with ideas.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we develop projects for organisations who want to work with visual artists. Working across the private and cultural sectors, we deliver artistically ambitious projects for our clients, bringing astute project management and a spirit of collaboration to everything that we do.

Contemporary art, design and craft all fall within our area of expertise. We focus on creative people and projects that embody rigorous thinking, thoughtful execution, and the ability for the work to resonate with a broad audience and spark meaning in their own lives.  

We’ve worked with museums and galleries, corporations, festivals, universities, small businesses, agencies, hotels, and local government. If you want to connect with visual artists, you’re our kind of people.  

Have a project you’d like to chat about? Feel free to email us anytime here.